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New Yoga Video! Dynamic Sun Salutations Flow

Peace, wonderful FB community!

I've got something special for you to experience the magic of flowing movements and mindful breath. We will go an adventure of rhythm and repetition to practice breath pattern and patterns of movement, over and over again. 

Dynamic Sun Salutations Flow

This sequences of postures will leave you feeling invigorated, grounded, and ready to take on whatever life sends your way. It's the perfect way to start the day, awaken your senses, and connect with inner self.

What to expect in this practice?

Vinyasa Yoga, also known as Flow Yoga, is a dynamic and graceful style that harmonizes breath with movement.   

  • We will Breathe + Flow: Cultivate a deep mind-body connection with every INHALE and EXHALE
  • We will Flow… like water: Embrace the seamless transitions between poses
  • We will Strengthen and Lengthen: Build strength, flexibility, and balance as you flow through a range of pace and posture.

Are you ready to embrace the flow? Let's step onto the mat, breathe together, and let the magic unfold.