New Workout! Upper Body Negative Training

Hello FB Family! If you’re ready to take your strength training capabilities to the next level, check this out:

Upper Body Negative Training

What is negative training? It’s also referred to as eccentric training and involves the isolation or emphasis of the eccentric part of an exercise. For example, in a bicep curl, the concentric or contraction is when you’re lifting the weight up towards your shoulders and the eccentric is when you’re lowering the weights back down. Did you know that our muscles are often stronger in the eccentric part of an exercise? What I have us do in this upper body strength-focused workout is slow the eccentric part of the movement down so it lasts 5-10 seconds. This allows us to use weights we’d typically use for an exercise so we're able to get the weight through the concentric phase but then, with great control, we very slowly lower the weights to increase time under tension and overall muscle function. Negative training is known for creating more micro-muscle tears with less stress, resulting in increased strength and muscle growth. 

As you can imagine, this is a more advanced training approach so I encourage you to have a pretty comfortable background in strength training before trying it out. We work all 5 major muscles of the upper body: chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps, and in that order! We will complete 3 exercises for each muscle group and complete each exercise 2x before moving on.

I love the thrill of switching up my training approach and testing my mind and body in new ways. Later in the day after filming this workout, I was carrying groceries into the house and I could still feel a noticeable tremble of fatigue in my arms — secretly a great feeling to showcase hard work! Looking forward to experiencing this with you and hearing what you think :)