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New Plus Video: Seated Chair Yoga

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Practicing a mindful moment can definitely be done from a chair. Breath work is a great mindful practice you an also do throughout the day if your are stuck in a chair. There are also those days that your energy may be low or you just find it difficult to get up and down off the floor. This sequence is great for anyone that may have joint pain, arthritis, or an injury. Try this sequence in your desk chair, on the couch or even at the dinner table.

Seated Chair Yoga

In this chair yoga sequence we will explore some common shapes from a standing practice and experience them from a seated position. You don’t need a ton of time for this practice, just a comfortable and quiet space for us to dive into the benefits of using a chair to help you wring out your spine, open your shoulders, and stretch your whole body.

Grab your favorite chair and let’s get into it :)