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New Browse Mode for Workouts and Programs

With over 1,200 videos and almost 100 programs at the time of this post, we’ve got a new way for you to navigate it all. Want to try a workout other members are enjoying right now? Check out the trending category. Feel like taking your training to the next level? Browse by intermediate or advanced difficulty workouts. Or maybe you’d like a quick 5-day challenge to crush this week. The specialty programs category has you covered.

Wait! Where is the view I’m used to seeing? Not to worry, the Filter Mode has the same search and filter functionality you are used to.

We hope you like this new mode and, as always, we’re interested in your suggestions for making it even better in the future. Keep reading to see what all is new, or jump straight into it from the Workout Videos and Workout Programs pages.

Happy browsing!


Browse Workout Videos

You can now browse workouts by different groupings:

  • Trending
  • Videos by specialty programs, like the 5 and 10 day challenges
  • Difficulty
  • Popular training types
  • Community Favorites




Workout programs and also be browsed by:

  • Trending
  • Minutes
  • Specialty programs like the 1 week / 5 day challenges
  • Difficulty
  • Community Favorites
  • Pilot Programs

pick a time


My Programs

All of the same Browse Mode features are available on the “My Programs” page.  Including some extras:

  • You will also be able to browse “New to You”, which are programs you have never scheduled before!
  • “New to You” is also a filter for the My Programs filter page, which can be selected under the Schedule filter.



Misc. Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Creating a community post would sometimes show an “Oops” error if the image was not processed correctly.  Now your post will save correctly and show a more relevant error message related to the image.
  • Updated the “Pick Things Up and Put Them Down” achievement to count strength training workouts that used sandbags.
  • Fixed a bug some users experienced when scrolling program scheduled instances really fast.


Could there be a better way to schedule all this content too? 🤔

We think so… be on the lookout for more details soon, but here’s a sneak peek.


Last but Not Least

We also have a new release cadence for the summer. We’re slowing down to give all our content creators a little break and to plan for upcoming releases. We’re working on a 2023 content survey to get your thoughts on what kind of content you’d like to see later this year and into the new year. We’ll make another post with the link once it is ready.