New Workout! Upper Body Strength with Cardio Power Bursts

Hey Blenders!

Prepare your upper body for a spicy new workout: Upper Body Strength with Cardio Power Bursts

Traditional upper body workouts are great. But if you’re the type of person who needs a little more spice and variety to stay engaged, I understand — I’m the same way! If an upper body workout can make me break a sweat, I’m a big fan. If this is your style too, let’s be workout buddies!

That’s why I designed this format to include power intervals between strength circuits. Each of our strength circuits (6 min each) will contain 3 moves performed in a controlled, intentional way. In between strength, we’ve got power intervals (1.5 min each) to get the heart rate up, further challenge the arms, AND keep us engaged in the workout! 

All you need are dumbbells and a mat (optional). This is a level 3 workout that can very easily be taken to a level 4 by reaching for your heavies and putting some extra intensity into the power intervals. 

Are you more a fan of strictly strength workouts or like to include some component of cardio from time to time? There are surely benefits to both, just curious where your interest is. 

Ready to push play!?