Constructive Feedback on flooding us with low quality content

Dear Daniel and Kelli,

Maybe I am the only one, who struggles with it and you can just ignore me and go on without 1 member, but I will try to reach you, since I truly have the best intentions. I honestly just search through community posts to find out, if anybody else has this issue and I see that this is fairly rare. This is truly a great, very positive community. However I believe without feedback we cannot really grow. FB was always famous for listening.

So I hope to be heard and not hated upon, and heres my message:

I am honestly shocked, how little effort some of the trainers put into quality of their videos. Dont get me wrong, the practical / substantive part is always on the spot (at least I believe it to be). But the technical side and narrative quality is often ignored. Many of the videos from the new trainers is just scrathing the bottom of low quality video equipment. I understand, that not everyone can afford expensive cameras and mics, but than why wont they just do the voiceover??? I basically watch Kayla and Nicole, sometimes Tasha, I see that there is new trainer Erica with very good quality, but others are in my opinion completetly not prepared to produce high quality content. They are great people, but the tech side is just not up to high standard, that you (Kelli and Daniel) made us used to. Its like the only purpose of so many trainers is only to produce more content :/ Why? Why put so much into a world overflooded with content? This is typical nowadays plague. I dont know if this is true goal of FB plus, but its starting to be anti-ad of itself for me. If I wouldnt had the FB plus, I would stick to old high quality classic Kelli&Daniel videos. And now I am flooded with new poor quality videos content, which I cannot hear (echo, not great pronunciation, etc.).

I know - I can filter trainers in the workout search bar, but I cannot filter out if they are present in workout programs, which they are starting to be a lot. Because of that I am not a fan of new workout programs, because anyaway I need to look for swaps. The whole purpose of workout programm, which the owners explained in the beginning is "taking the guess work out of the way" (which is indeed real struggle for me). But then... Anyway I need to swap so many days... And usually swaps show the same trainer. Eh.

May I suggest equipping the trainers with the proper gear or ask them to do a voiceover and giving them some advice from the classic team (the advice about filming; like dont turn your back to the viewers, it's rude).

Maybe it would be good to also show the trainers that are embedded into a programm. Not only in the decription but in the title picture, on in the basic bulletpoints.

Again, coming out of place of huge love for you guys and the entire project.

Kind regards


PS. If anyone agrees or disagrees, of course I welcome you to join the discussion.