Working out and stress...

Hi, everyone! I have some thoughts that I'd love your input over.

Something has come to mind lately. Well, its come crashing into my life actually. Stress. The bout that seemingly comes from every direction at once and causes havoc on our minds and bodies, even if temporarily.

As someone who is diagnosed with C-PTSD, I'm no stranger to stress and its detrimental effects. Usually, my main motivation for working out is stress reduction. Yet lately I've been thinking (perhaps overthinking?).... is it possible for longer workouts to cause more adrenaline in the body, leading to more physical stress?

In those times of additional chaos, when we are reluctantly accepting life on life's terms, do you find longer workouts to help, or shorter workouts to feel better?

Lately I've lost motivation toward longer workouts and wonder if my body is trying to tell me "Not now", or if the loss of motivation is coming from feeling overburdened and should stick to the longer workouts for greater release.

What is your way of coping with the most chaotic times of life? I'll take any tidbits of advice you can help provide.

Thank you, and may the sunny days of summer feel equally as sunny in your hearts.

P.S. apart from finishing up FB Sweat, I am doing yin yoga about 4-5 times a week and meditating. I've been doodling and writing positive affirmations in my journal. Any other things you do to combat adrenaline?