Perspiration Pals May 30th, 2023

hey there pals,

how are we doing today? it is a quieter day here and i am not complaining. I have been trying to either preempt or diffuse conflicts in a project since morning. hopefully, we'll get to some way of moving forward.

Workouts: It will be Day 5 Fit Challenge and I have swapped for one of Erica's UB. Yesterday was T's 5/5 LB. That was the inspiration for the meme and I almost followed it. Speaking of my love for Fit workouts, some of you know I have been repeating some form of Fit since a past few months. I have noticed some changes: The most significant change has been on UB, usual weak part for me: I could up my weights for bentover tricep extensions -i managed to do 12lbs or 5kgs, 3 rounds last week; upped weights on LB workouts, can do handful of full push-ups, and I can now comfortably tuck in all my tops and shirts to work. Surely, there are days I don't like how i feel or "look" but overall, these have been the reasons why I keep coming back to Fit workouts. When do you think Fit 4 is coming?? 😏 Is there a program or challenge that you keep going back to, and if so, why?

Other than that, yesterday was a public holiday here and me being me, didn't know about it and showed up at work. I think I will take an off Friday or take it easy to compensate for my ignorance.

Fur baby's fine, adorable as always.

Now, over to you all folks. Share with us, about your day and more.

Thank you for checking in with me & fur baby today..