HKS(Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group May 29th 🌿🧘

Hello Blend friends. It's a new week here, and I'm neither up to speed after my three weeks away, nor really recovered. I spent the weekend in a tizzy, trying to get things done before it got too hot to be outside (or, apparently, before the pollen count gets too high). Mornings stressing out, rushing myself. I even managed to knock over a bowl of sourdough, breaking the bowl and, losing a portion of sourdough... So, before I can start the week on a negative note, I decided that what I need is a little present moment stillness. Several of you will remember all those days when Storm started the thread, and I've been thinking I should go back and collect those thoughts she shared, because there is a lot of wisdom in them. Here's one:

"I take time throughout the day to experience inner silence and stillness. I can do this by simply focusing on each breath I take."

So, if you've got too much on your plate -- and I think a few of us do -- take a little time to find that stillness. It is worth it.

Now I'll go ahead and do a bit of stretching before breakfast and my workday. Other than stressing out, I did get in several hours of gardening and walking in over the last couple days, and I can still feel quite a lot of it in my muscles.

Whatever the week holds for you, I wish you the best possible Monday!