Perspiration Pals 26th May, 2023 πŸ™‚

hey there pals,

how are doing this FriYay? I am very much looking forward to getting home and having one relaxed evening. One meeting to go, then I go (did that rhyme?!) yeap, i so need a break. This morning, my boss said I should take a break. and hence, the picture, that's the kinda break i need. one evening is fine too.

that said, i am not in my best shape today -both physically and metaphorically, haha πŸ˜… So, I have decided to start Fit Challenge (again) this evening. I know T has released a few longer workouts recently, so I will use swap generously. btw, I saw someone made a request for Fit 4, I mean, about time, no? 😎

fur baby's fine, has learnt to hide in her play tent and when i throw a paper ball, she jumps up, catches it and then hides inside it again πŸ₯°

that's about it from me pals, over to you now.. how goes your FriYay? and what plans for the weekend?