HKS (Healthy Kind Support) Accountability Group May 26th

Hello beautiful Blenders,

How was your week?

I chose the quote because at the moment many things seem impossible for me, including writing this here without pain. I am currently dealing with my arthritis, which affects my fingers. And it is no fun. It's only the index finger at the moment and my toe, but the toe is a constant issue. My fingers get it only now and then and I'm surprised how such little body parts can affect your daily life so strongly.

My toe is preventing me from doing a lot of certain exercises such as lunches, planks, full push ups. Every move where the toe gets flexed. I already found some substitutes but I might go to a physiotherapist to get more ideas.

Anyway, enough complaining. I will try to squeeze in an UB workout. Our adopted grandmother will come this evening for bbq and brings her Ukrainian couple, which is living with her. It seems to work really well. Particularly because she isn't on her own. What is a big relief.

So over to you. Workout yes, no, maybe or to busy.

Let us know.

Wishing you all that your day just sparkles ✨