My Workout & My Day

Hello and good morning everyone it's almost Friday and I can't wait for it to get here because I got a lot of execiting things to tell Ashton about over video chat tomorrow. I know that this weekend is Memorial weekend and I'm hoping to request time off so that way I can spend it with my dad this weekend and maybe my best friend too. Moving on to workouts the last two workouts that I had my body was feeling it after the fact and my body was not too happy about it.

The workouts that I had was recovery cardio, and a total body strength workout and they were both with Kellie and I had a nice stretching workout with Daniel the other day and a nice stretching workout with Kellie yesterday. Tomorrow I have a core and HIIT workout with Kellie I believe so after that workout my core is going to be feeling it for a couple of days, but if I request time off for this weekend to spend Memorial day with my dad then I'll be able to do something fun. But most likely not but maybe I might be able to if i want to spend the weekend with my dad, unless I don't feel well and I can't go to work then I have to request time off.