Perspiration Pals 25 May 2023

Hello Pals! How are you today? It’s a bright sunshiny day here which probably means that we might expect rain at the long weekend… yeah. I’m not the optimistic type. My weekend will be twice as long as a normal one so not even the prospect of some rain can ruin it. Hopefully. I’m not superstitious but I can jinx things like a pro.

So apparently I’m fit enough to drive my imaginary car (I had a check-up yesterday) although my right eye is weaker than the left but luckily I don’t need glasses. I say luckily because it costs a fortune here to get glasses made.

I found it really difficult and annoying to get up this morning but I did a nice total body routine with Tasha which cheered me up. (Getting those Bluetooth earphones so that I can listen to music while working out has been a game changer.)

Let me give you some facts then: So green, yellow, and red bell peppers might look like different versions of the same vegetable, but they're not. That’s all I know. Carrots were originally purple, not orange. You can still find delicious purple carrots around but I’ve never seen any. Nutmeg can be hallucinogenic if consumed in large quantities. You would have to eat at least two teaspoons or more to feel any effects, though. So perhaps, don’t.

Well, that’s it for today, Pals, I need to go now so eat veggies, be good and have an easy day.