HKS (Healthy Kind Support) Accountability Group May 25th

Hello beautiful Blenders,

How are we all? Short reminder for those who stop by but aren't sure if they can drop in and post something. Of course you can. Any time. Everyone is welcome here.

We actually have spectacular weather. It's a bit like after months of winter someone turned on the light and heat. I'm pretty sure summer was on a Wednesday this year 😜

The text above is a sign I took a picture of from a door in Cork. I found it funny and if you think about it, it could be even meaning full. Maybe "If your chosen path doesn't work, try another one". What do you think. Any wise thoughts to make something out of the sign?

We had a very enjoyable swing dance class yesterday and today I will do some core, and HIIT. Of course a walk. Can't miss out on the sun and maybe a dance video. Those are really helpful for the swing dance classes. We will see.

What about you? What have you put on your to-do-list? Any workouts, walks, runs, me-time or active resting?

Wishing you all that your day just sparkles ✨