Exclude Search Results?

Hi all,

I often search for a certain type of workout but get too many "wrong" results. For example I might want to do a pure strength workout but the search results include a lot of combined strength and cardio workouts.

Would it be possible to exclude these combined strength and cardio workout?

And it's not just about workout types. I don't have, e.g., kettleballs or a medicine ball, or might not feel like working out on the floor (i.e., use a mat), so I would like to exclude workouts with those. Or maybe I'd have sore arms from last day's workout and want to do a pure lower body workout but none that (also) targets the total or upper body.

How can I specify my search?

You have wonderfully lots of workouts, there's always the perfect workout video for the day. But the more videos you publish the more difficult it becomes to find that one video.

Thanks in advance.