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Am I doing this right?

Hi! I've been working out with FB for awhile, but I am hoping to get some feedback from experienced people. I'm facing a really intense three months of work ahead of me, and in an effort to make my life easier, I've planned out all my workouts until the end of September. I'm planning to strength train 3x/week to keep things manageable. I painstakingly went through searching for workouts and scheduled this:

Monday: upper body

Wednesday: lower body

Friday: total body

All are around 35-40 minutes. Some of the videos have a bit of cardio or HIIT.

Is that right? Or should I do total body all three days? My goal is simply to gain strength and lose some fat. I am otherwise very active. I average 12-13k steps per day and I have 2 young children I do a lot of active things with.

I do FB 5-day programs all the time, but I think 5 days/wk will be too daunting for me during this time. I love strength training and look forward to those days, and that's why I have picked this. But I just want to make sure that the way I've organized it is good.

Thanks for any advice and have a great day!