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Using weights during pregnancy

Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you FB for all the quality prenatal content, it is pure gold and I'm really enjoying it!!

I'm confused about how much weight I am allowed to lift / use in my workouts during pregnancy and I couldn't really find helpful info online. I have asked my doctor but in my country it's pretty common for women to do nothing but suuuper gentle yoga all throughout pregnancy, and I don't really fall into that category...

I'm at 25 weeks now, and in daily life I ask for lots of help with carrying heavy stuff around the house etc.. I've read on several websites that women shouldn't lift more than 5kg at this stage. Does that apply to workouts as well??

I've only been doing FB's prenatal videos and prenatal yoga in the last few months, and I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that I prefer lighter weights for one-sided excercises now. 9lbs/4kg is my limit at the moment for things like quadruped - rows or single arm overhead presses. With anything higher than that it just feels like my deep core is working too hard, even though I have never noticed any doming or bulging. With upper body exercises that use both arms or stuff like squats I feel that I can still go up to 2x 9lbs/4kg, sometimes 2x 12lbs/5,5kg.

I've also been doing pelvic floor workouts every other day and try to be very mindful of that when I exercise.

Any pregnant people or mothers here who would like to share their experience? I still feel very fit and energetic (thankfully), but don't want to do anything that will hinder my recovery process later on...