HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group April 27th

Hello beautiful Blenders,

What is going on at your end of the world? At my end of the world it got pretty cold again. I'm tired of wearing winter jackets.

We tried to book flights to Germany for next week to meet little Fionn and of course to see now big Kaya and the flights aren't the problem but the hotels. There is an event going on in the area where my daughter lives and there is really nothing available or nothing that is afordable ☹️ Now we have to move everything into the week after and most likely sleep at my son's place. He is not around the corner but he is delighted, if he is not working, to come with us to see little Fionn. We will find a way.

And now workouts. What are you at? A challenge, program, free-styling? I'm still at low impact workouts and no UB strength because I still can feel my shoulder. So I'm trying to be careful.

What ever you are up to let us know. And remember everyone is always welcome.

Wishing you all that your day just sparkles ✨