Born again FitnessBlender *lol* (chronic pain,starting over)

Hi everyone!

I was an active FBer for many years before I dropped everything a few years ago due to life dealing me an interesting new hand of cards and I`m ready to start my FB workouts again. I had an injury back in 2020 that derailed me and that led to me finding out I have an autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain/inflammation/general shite, so I spiraled for a bit, gained weight, woe is me basically.

Now I`m on medication management, have started to walk again and respect my body limits(something I have been notoriously bad at).

I used to knock out FB programs left and right, lift heavy, etc. Lifting heavy is not an option for me anymore. Pushing myself beyond my limit is not an option for me anymore, so I`m started from scratch. I have been doing walking challenges with Conquerer Challenges(this is not a paid ad lol) and that has gotten me going, but I want to reincorporate FB back into my rotation and ramp it up a bit(safely).

I guess I`m looking for encouragement/experiences of starting over, adapting to a "new" body, getting the diet back on track. Hit me with some motivation, y'all. Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!