HKS (Healthy Kind Support) Accountability Group April 23rd 😊

hey all,

Welcome to another Sunday edition of HKS thread. It is tad cloudy and might start raining from the evening. Although, we did enjoy exceptionally sunny and great weather for the past one week -I even had the chance to have ice cream on two occasions 🥳 I mean, when the weather demands it, we oblige, haha! after a couple of rainy days, it is predicted to be pseudo summer again. hence, the picture -make the most when it's sunny and get your ice cream or beer or a hike or whatever you prefer.

anywho, technically i should be starting week 2 of Fit Challenge this evening. But we'll see how that goes.

Other than that nothing much planned; did some cleaning, then have a couple of hours of work to do, post that will relax a bit..How about you pals? how goes your Sunday? anything planned or dialing it down a bit? let us know here. And as always we welcome everyone to our threads..even to lurk 😊

wish y'all a great week ahead.