Weekend Check-In: Sunday, April 23rd

Hi di Hi ladies,

Windy, but sunny greetings to you on this second day of the weekend. I hope you've all had a nice rest and are ready to tackle this check-in with me.

So tell me, what will you be doing today? Any workouts on your schedule? A nice walk maybe, a relaxing yoga session, or are you going full out and jump into a 5 star difficulty workout with one of our lovely trainers? Me, I'm doing nothing sporty. The only thing I'll be doing is preparing my workouts for the coming week. I'll be taking a Tasha's YAY Challenge and swap the workouts for ones I haven't done yet. Gives me something structured but new.

And what about food? Will it be something new that you've seen on the internet and wanted to try for forever or do those leftovers from yesterday look too delicious to put in the freezer? Hubs told me last night we'd be having chicken wings and chips, so no surprises or guesses here for me.

Right, got that covered so let's get to the question shall we? Aahh, you didn't think I was just letting you get on with it without a question did you? You ladies know I'm a nosy bugger and I want to know all about you, so here goes:

How do you react when angry, do you shout, throw things or go very silent? Do you hold a grudge?

Me, when it's my husband I shout, I shout out my frustration and as soon as that's done I apologize, even if I was right to be angry. With my kids I raise my voice, but both of them always tell me they know I'm seriously angry when I just look at them and react with 'okay' and turn around. Then they know mom is angry and come over tiptoeing on their socks and quietly apologize.😁 I'm not really the kind to hold a grudge only when I didn't already like you before the argument, then you can do whatever you want, it will not change a thing.

As always, feel free just to skip the question and tell me about whatever you want to share or is bothering you.

Thanks for reading my ramblings this weekend and also once again a big thank you for all your lovely reactions to the bouquet.

Be sure to check-in again tomorrow as we'll have our lovely Raven here again. Oh, and if you're reading this Raven, just throw me on the list for the next day available.😂

Have a great day everyone!! Toedeloe!🥰