Perspiration Pals Sunday April 23, 2023🌎🏞🌞

Happy Belated Earth day Ppals!

I was planning on going to grand opening of a new hiking trail near me. Earth Day would have been the appropriate day for it but Mother Nature had other plans. Storms and high winds were predicted so the event was canceled. That was a good move as we did get a down pour. The day was not a complete washout and I was able to get a walk in on a trail closer to home.

In anticipation of Saturdays storm I got a walk in around the retention pond at the University on Friday while the weather was beautiful.

Today (Sunday) they are having an Earth day celebration at the pavilion where the farmers market usually is on Saturdays. So I'll still get to go to an Earth day celebration. 🌎😄

I am also helping with the Easter egg hunt at church. I know Easter was two weeks ago but we are still in the Easter season. We are having breakfast too. So that will be fun.

My exercise Saturday was walking but I am thinking of trying Aly's new morning stetch. I think she will forgive for doing it the evening. I also want to do Nicole's recent foam rolling workout. My legs have been asking for it.

(I am getting my days mixed up since it is around 9 PM Saturday and I am writing a post for Sunday and talking about what I did Friday, Saturdayand what I plan on doing Sunday)🤭

So is anyone else celebrating Earth day? I'd like to hear what you did. If you are not celebrating Earth Day that's ok I would still like to hear how your weekend is going and what you have been up to.

As always all are welcome to chat with us.🤗