Weekend Ghostess On Board: Saturday, April 22nd

Hello again all you lovely ladies,

I hope all of you are doing well on this first day of the weekend - at least for most of us, for some it might still be Friday night and for other already Sunday - but still I hope you're all doing great. Pff, only two lines in and I already start rambling!! Run while you still can!!!!

Anyway, as you can see by the photo the FB flower bouquet is finished. But before we expand on that a bit more, let's dive into the basics first, shall we?

So tell me all about your plans regarding workouts or non-workouts. Are you freestyling and trying to decide wether to do an UB, LB or core workout, or do you like structure and prefer doing a challenge or a program? Or mayby you're just like me - nothing new there, Inge - taking a rest day? Throw it in the group, ladies!!

And of course we need to talk about food, what will be on our plates today? At who's place do I need to invite myself for some yummies? For me it's a waiting game. I know hubs was planning to make some soup but as he's still in dreamland, I'll have to be patient and wait.

So with the basics out of the way, onto the bouquet. Now ladies, please do remember I'm not a pro, be kind to me even though you think your flower looks more like it's been through the wringer.😬

Normally I should have them all:

@Lea and Lisette: sorry ladies, but you'll have to share since the both of you asked for the same flower, a Poppy

@Coby: not a giant, but still: a Sunflower

@Kim: your very own Bird of Paradise

@Karen: to honour your dad: a Daffodil

@Anne: the flower that I thought was going to give me a headache but turned out to be the easiest: a Cornflower. And your bonus: not quite a Marigold but it looks like a butterfly so I'm pleased.

@Shabnam: your Bougainvillea or I believe you called it a paper flower

@Raven: after annoying you with asking for a change of flower for a few times I finally managed to give you a Southern Magnolia (or something resembling it)

I hope I didn't do too bad and I'll post a picture of each of your flowers in your comments. Gives you a close up😟

Well ladies, I guess that's all for me here, obviously no question for today, can't bombard you with all my 'brilliantness' on the same day now can I?

So, if you've come to read this far, thanks and I'll pop in later to read your comments.

Have a great day everyone!!🥰