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New Workout! Short Low-Impact Bodyweight HIIT

Hello Fitness Blenders! It’s time for an effective HIIT workout!

Short Low-Impact Bodyweight HIIT

Many of you may remember enjoying the first workout I shared on Fitness Blender, Quick Total Body Tabata - Dynamic Bodyweight HIIT with Core Finisher. Our workout today is very much like this one although the active intervals are 10 seconds longer with an extra 5-second rest. 

This routine will skyrocket your heart rate, fatigue your muscles, and leave you feeling sweaty and accomplished in a very short amount of time. It's a fast-moving and rewarding routine to press play on if your motivation is lacking; it can be slipped in quickly to your day if you’re short on time, and it could also serve as a bodyweight cardio add-on workout! I chose exercises that will test your overall stability and naturally force you to use muscles of the entire body for optimal muscle and energy burn. 

Oh, and one of my biggest fears decided to make an appearance in the video… 

I’ll see you there! Let’s get those sweaty smiles on :)