How To Stay Motivated


First off, don't get lost in the number game. Losing weight may be what prompted you to get with a fitness plan or diet but don't stop there. Don't let it be your only goal. Your only motivation. Think about the bigger picture. What you have to gain.

With the right diet and regular exercise, your building a better future you. You'll be stronger. Have a full working knowledge of meal planning. And you could inspire someone else! Prepare the world for the zombie apocalypse right 😀.

Instead of dictating how your weight loss should work, dedicate yourself to being active and cleaning up your diet.

Think nutrition over calories. Processes foods are just that, already processed, so your body doesn't know what to do with them except store them. Your body craves nutrients it can process into fuel. And no, not shakes or vitamins (unless prescribed) but real nutrients. A lot of stuff we take in, our body doesn't need.

Don't fall for the bandwagon. Focus on you and what your goals are. Sure its great to team up but don't put all your faith into someone else staying side by side with you. Know you got this on your own. Day in and day out you will continue to rise with the new you.

Last, never shame yourself! You are way to smart for that. If your looking for physical changes, be patient. 1st your body has to relax to the changes, then once its relaxed it starts to reprogram (often known as plato). After its reprogrammed you build and grow together, the new you is born. You start to recognize it really does take time. And the rest of your life will be time well spent.

Lots of love fbfamily ❤

Stay blended