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New Workout! Upper Body Strength Supersets with Core Finisher

Good morning FB Family!

Test your upper body strength in today’s straightforward supersets workout:

Upper Body Strength Supersets with AMRAP Core Finisher

You will work opposing muscle groups in each supersets pairing, allowing you to select your heavy (for you) weight selections for each exercise due to the alternating bouts of muscle group focuses. Challenge yourself to increase or maintain your weight loads as you progress through the three rounds of each superset, aiming to complete 8 to 12 reps during each 45-second work interval. And remember, this is a level 3 workout — you determine just how hard you want to push yourself with your weight selections!

I was very proud of Georgie (my left arm) during this workout — Georgie kept up with Right Arm (for the most part) and even showed some progress during the triceps kickbacks. My favorite exercise? The renegade rows. Because they’re hard and I love a good challenge!

The three-minute AMRAP core finisher brought tons of abdominal joy — just enough of a burn to feel accomplished but not too difficult to feel destroyed. That’s a lie, I felt a little destroyed.

Enjoy the post-workout simmer in your upper body! It probably won’t hit you until the next day but you’ll still love it, nonetheless. Let us know how this workout goes for you. Do you like supersets workouts? What about super-dupersets? (Totally made up.)

See you on the screen!