New Workout! Lower Body Strength Supersets

Good morning FB Family!

Today’s leg day workout is perfect for days when you want a straightforward, heavy-lifting training session:

Lower Body Strength Supersets

This efficient workout format covers most of the muscles in the lower body. Each superset, of which there are four, includes complementary pairs of exercises to keep your lower body muscles constantly challenged with accumulating fatigue. Select heavy weights (for you) that make the last two-to-three reps of each exercise feel difficult but manageable to complete.

Note that the workout is labeled as a level 3 and highly adaptable to your current training needs and goals. The intensity of the routine depends on your weight selections, range of motion, and cadence; therefore, if you prefer to get in a good movement session without pushing yourself too much, this workout can be a great option for you.

This workout was a fun return to strength training for me after having taken a couple weeks off from more intense movement to recover from some sinus issues (it was spring allergy season at the time of filming this workout). I alternated between challenging myself and backing off the intensity to honor where my body and mind was during my gradual ramp up back to my typical training level. I hope that maybe some of you will find the workout similarly helpful to you! Although 50 minutes long, it will fly by — trust me.

Enjoy the routine! My soreness settled in the next day when I tried to go for a run and muttered “oof, my legs are kind of dead.” Have a favorite superset? Let us know in the comments section below.

See you on the screen!