Ideas for workouts and programs

I have been with fb for 8 years and during this years I have developed a lot of ideas.

I know there's a pilot one but a pregnancy program and a post birth program would be great. I thought about the post birth as initially easy, quick (15min 2 times a week with progression in time?) , easy to do while caring a baby and sometimes keeping him...

I'd love some workouts in pha or workouts where there's focus on the weights so longer rest pauses, less repetition , more sets.

And Total body 3 times a week programs to do as a stand alone, for people who wants to do the max during a workout but resting more

Finally, I have fibromyalgia and I love doing strong workouts but I need more resting time. So a program which alternate stronger weeks to easier ones would work great.

Thank you for Reading me❤