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Preparing for surgery, trying to pick workouts

I'm going to have laparoscopic abdominal surgery in a few weeks, and I'm trying to think about what exercises I should do leading up to it and how I can maintain some amount of my strength while I recover. I'm curious what folks here recommend!

I feel like, in this time before the surgery, core work is a good thing. (just seems like it'll be easier to heal when I have a strong core to begin with?) I'm in week 7 of FB Reboot and doing what I can with core stuff there, but should I go deeper with it once that's done?

As for after surgery: my doctor stressed the lifting restrictions and said I should avoid doing exercise that engages my healing abs for a few weeks, but walking will be really good for me. I love walking and hiking, but I don't want to stall out my strength gains too much while I wait to recover if I can help it, so I wonder if there's any possible kind of strength training that challenges the extremities but doesn't rely on the core too much. If such a thing doesn't exist then I'll just deal, but it'd be nice to try keeping it up if I can!