Swapping booty program

Well, I was really happy with the booty program, because hamstring injury has finally healed and I can fully enjoy lower body workouts again. But only at day 3 I'm going to change the plan🤭.

For a good reason though.

I work with an insurance company and yesterday we got the invitation of another company in our region to take part in a spinning marathon to fundraise for the ALS foundation.

The manager of that company unfortunately has been diagnosed with this awful disease and the employees took the initiative to organise a spinning marathon in cooperation with the Dutch ALS foundation.

Participants of the marathon can be sponsored via the website, and the funds collected will be used for research.

I've subscribed , together with two colleagues.

I haven't been spinning a lot lately, so I think I'd better train a bit. I'll be swapping the whole booty program instead of just some workouts ☺️ because I think spinning and strength training will be a bit too much.

It makes you realise health is the most important thing we have.

For the Dutch among us, in case you're interested: