Weekend Check-In: Saturday, 18/03/23

Hello all you lovely ladies,

And welcome to another monthly episode of the 'Weekend Check-In' show hosted by - no need to deny it - your favorite ghostess.😁

I know you've all been impatiently waiting so let's get this edition started by discussing daily business first and ending with the pièce the résistance.... the question.

So workouts. Now I can already see most of you rolling your eyes thinking no surprise for Inge, she's usually a lazy bugger during the weekend, but you'd be wrong this time. I'm doing this combo Booty3/Flex thing with my buddy Karen and that means I've got a six day workout week, so I've tried doubling on Tuesday but that left me frigging sore. So I've had to do one today. Hah, didn't expect that did you Lea!!! The program had an UB workout scheduled with Daniel, but as I hate counting reps, I swapped it for a TB with Brian. Followed by Tasha's latest, because duh, it's Tasha.



But enough about me, tell me what you've been doing or are going to do workout wise.

And let's talk about food too. What is happening on the food front? Since it's the start of the new cycling season, I'm the one in charge of dinner everytime there's a race on TV. So I've already been preparing. Boiling eggs and taters for a nice potato salad. Slicing and dicing tomatoes and cucumbers for a mixed salad with some lettuce. And we'll have - and I had to search this on Google - Bismarck or roll herring to go with that.

Pooh, this check-in is getting long with all my rambling. Sorry ladies!

But.. we're finally getting to the question. I'm keeping it really easy and light this week: I'd like to know if you're left or right handed or maybe ambidextrous. And if you do everything with your dominant hand?

I'm left handed, always have been, but I do quite a lot of things right handed too. Like opening a bottle or anything with a lid, picking weeds, etc. I can write both left and right handed, although of course right is not as neat. I can also write from right to left, and mirror writing. I know it's stupid and has no use or meaning at all, but I think it's funny.

Now, as you know, please feel free to not answer at all and just stick to the basic check-in stuff.

And last but not least, let's close this long ramblings of mine of with a picture. Yesterday hubs made me jump a mile in the air by shouting at me to quickly grab my mobile and come outside for.... a rainbow. Silly you'll say, but this was a complete rainbow right outside my front door. I've never seen one this close before. Now I know this is not the quality picture that Anne probably would have taken but I think I managed knowing I'm a neanderthal with electronic devices. If you look really really closely, you'll even spot a vague second rainbow.

Well, that's all for me here, I've kept you long enough. I hope you'll still want to come back for check-in tomorrow!!!

Have a great day and I'll come take a look in a bit!!🥰