My Workout & My Day

Haappy St. Patrick's day everyone make sure to be wearing green today to respercent it and mother nature too I got on a really cute outfit for today and my mom helped me picked it out last night. So I can't wait for my best friend Ashton to see it over video chat tonight when I talk to her around 5 p.m. or so, but moving on to workouts I had a nice stretching workout with Aly and it felt so good on my back and my shoulders. I'll have to admit that the camel pose felt so good to do even though it was my first time doing it I didn't do too bad giving it a try.

So when I come back from my dad's house I will be starting the FB Burn program next and I'm exicted to give it a try for the first time because I've done the Fb Burn challenge a bunch of times. I've heard that the FB Burn program is a really good program to do and that I will love it and I should give it a try and I'm going to be giving it a try and see of what I think about it.