Perspiration Pals 17th March 2023 🐈

hey there folks,

how are we doing this FriYay? Super rainy day and predictions for next 24 hours to be very severe. I am simply waiting to go home actually.

I am just one workout shy of completing Fit 3. But thanks to (stupid) pollens, I feel like I am coming down with something and will be off for a couple or more days 🙄 I woke up feeling this doesn't feel right, ugh! hardly getting work done at work too..

Something's up with lil fur baby as well: she meowed several times asking for hugs when i was leaving for work early this morning and refused to get down (normally, she's sleeping). hopefully, it's nothing and she's just anxious perhaps.

That's about what i can manage in this thread today pals. Over to you all now. Let us know how goes your FriYay! :)