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Personalize Your Workout Programs and Challenges with FB Plus!

There is a lot of goodness bundled in this update to FB Plus. The short of it is, you can now personalize any workout program or challenge to fit your specific preferences or physical needs. Don’t want to include that HIIT workout in your strength training program? Swap it! Need a low impact option for those knees? Swap that too! Then, if you like your changes, save a copy as a routine so you can schedule and complete it just like the original program. This all comes along with some design updates to make interfaces more consistent and new visuals to see program information at a glance. Keep reading to get an overview of everything included in the update.

My Program Updates

  • New plan cards that look and function consistently with workout video cards
  • Add to calendar icon and options menu
  • New icon bar to quickly see complete, in progress, and upcoming programs


Program View Updates

  • View your stats and community stats
  • Calendar icon and options menu work just like on the My Programs page


Workout Swap

  • On the calendar day view, program workouts can now be swapped to another workout
  • Swap by similar, tags, or favorites
  • When marking a program complete, you have the option to save a copy of the customized program to routines


Program Copy

  • Create a copy of an existing workout programs or challenges
  • Create a copy of routines
  • Save a copy of a customized program on “Program Complete”

We’re really excited for this launch and can’t wait to see how you all use the new features. As always, let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvements or related features.

From Brandon, Bryan (Tech), Josh (Design), and the rest of the Fitness Blender Team, thank you for working out with us. We hope you love the updates!