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New Plus Workout: Chest, Triceps and Abs

Are you looking to build muscle in your chest and triceps? Look no further than this ultimate muscle-building workout!

Strength Training for Chest, Triceps, and Abs

In just 28 minutes, you'll challenge your chest, triceps, and abs, leaving you feeling stronger and more energized than ever.

The workout is divided into four sections: a warm-up, chest exercises, tricep exercises, and abs exercises. The warm-up consists of four exercises that will increase your heart rate and target your chest, core, and shoulders, preparing your muscles for the workout. Next, you'll target your chest muscles with two rounds of three exercises and 1 round of two exercises, including Dumbbell Floor Presses, Push Ups, and Chest Flys. These exercises will target your chest muscles from different angles, providing a complete workout. In the final round, we will drop the chest fly.

Once your chest is exhausted, it's time to move on to your triceps. You'll complete three rounds of two exercises, including Dips (don't worry, I will provide an alternative exercise for this one) and Tricep Kickbacks, targeting your triceps and the muscles on the back of your arms. Finally, you'll target your core with three exercises: Full Extension Crunches, Scissor Kicks, and Planks

The workout ends with a cool-down. The stretches include Tricep Stretch (Left), Tricep Stretch (Right), Chest Stretch, Forearm Stretch, and Cobra Stretch.

Overall, this workout is perfect for anyone looking to build strength and tone their muscles, and it can be modified for any fitness level. So, what are you waiting for?

Give this muscle-building chest and tricep workout a try today!