New Workout! Upper Body Strength with Pre-Fatigue Sets

Good Morning FB Fam!

Who's ready for a spicy twist on upper body strength? Whether you've hit a plateau or simply want a way to change things up, today's workout release will stimulate your muscles in a new way.

Upper Body Strength with Pre-Fatigue Sets

I'll admit, upper body strength training is my least favorite to do - I'll pick legs or HIIT any day of the week! Mixing it up and making it fun is the only way I get it done.

While this workout IS a great way to change it up, there's more logic behind it than that. We use pre-fatigue sets as a way to fatigue your muscles faster, stimulating more muscle breakdown, and therefore muscular strength and growth!

Here's how pre-fatigue sets work: we first perform an exercise to isolate a small muscle group, followed by a compound exercise that includes that "pre-fatigued" muscle group. For example, bicep curls followed by rows. By the end of a superset, you'll have fully fatigued a specific area of your upper body. I'll be taking you through 5 different supersets to hit every muscle group in your upper body.

Upper body strength is something I'm really focusing on this postpartum because I've lost a lot of that, especially when it comes to doing pushups. Slowly but surely building back up my strength!

Who's in for this spicy twist on upper body? Will I see you on the screen?