New Mindfulness Practice for Coping with Body Image Anxiety

Before I first started consistently working out about ten plus years ago, just thinking about my body made me anxious. I didn’t want to think about or address my feelings about it. This anxiety kept me in a space where I just shut down and didn’t want to engage in the behaviors I knew would make me feel better, physically and emotionally. For me, finding ways to cope with this anxiety sooner could have helped me immensely. 

That is exactly why I created this practice. Body image-related anxiety varies in intensity and impact from person to person, but the coping mechanisms may look the same or similar. 

Mindfulness Practice for Body Image Anxiety

In this practice, you will engage in a mindfulness practice, thought challenging, and practicing being in a functional mindset regarding your body. This is particularly helpful for folks who, like this past version of myself, get anxious when you just think about your body. However, it is helpful for anyone who wants to work on or be mindful of their body image. 

Give this one a try and let us know in the comments below what your body can do that brings you joy.