My Workout & My Day

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone wherever you are at in the world and we are offically halfway through the week and these next two and half days are just going to fly on by for me. Because I got things to do for today and tomorrow but on Friday is going to be the busiest day for me because I'm going to be gone all morning going out to take care of some business. Let's move on to workouts, what workouts do all of you have for the next couple of days for me I had a core workout with Daniel, and for the next two days I have a upper body with Daniel and lower body with Daniel.

So I'm going to be ending off this last week of the FB Strong program with Daniel and I'm thinking about doing the new FB Strong Round 3 program after I'm all done with doing this one. Because all of you keep talking about it and how good of a program it is so since all of you keep telling me, that I should give it a try I'm going to be doing that program next. So I'm execited to give this FB Strong Round 3 program a try and also because I want to get back into doing strength workouts for a while before I do a different type of program.

I really miss doing strength workouts that I'm going to keep on doing them for a bit longer before I do a different program, and also because I love doing strength and I really see the improvement on that when I go to do the workouts.