Arms Are Blazed- Bored Easily D2

Workout Complete 🎉🎉

50 minute Upper body strength with bodyweight burnout. 40 on 20 off

I hit arms, shoulders, chest, upper and lower back. A lot of working against yourself with push, pull, planks in the main workout.

Cadence curls, Halo extensions and Arnold Press where also in the line up of 28 total exercises. No Repeat exercises 👏👏

There was some light cardio in the warm-up. I'm not surprised by the calories burned but some think lifting doesn't burn Fat like cardio. Check that out👇

Hope everyone had a great workout in today!

P.S. the website I mentioned this morning and promised to share is

She's not currently active but still has loads of vegan, Gluten free, egg free, dairy free desserts 😋