New Yoga Flow! Slow Yoga for Opening the Chest and Shoulders

Open the heart, mobilize the shoulders, strengthen your back and bring a deeper awareness of breath through it all with this extra slow Vinyasa Yoga flow! 

Slow Yoga for Opening the Chest and Shoulders

This practice explores a series of foundational yoga postures and traverses several more intermediate/advanced poses; with that being said, the slowed pace and variety of modifications offered throughout the flow make this an accessible option for all levels of practitioners. I invite you to give this practice a try–even if you’re new to yoga– and together we will navigate using the breath as a tool to regulate our nervous system, when the physical becomes uncomfortable. 

My favorite aspect of yoga are the holistic qualities of the practice. Sure, asana (physical practice of yoga, i.e. poses/postures/flow) is an excellent low-impact form of movement that not only aids in strength-building and increased balance, mobility and flexibility, but the practice offers more than that. Yoga invites you to connect your breath with your movement, encourages you to bring your mind and emotions to the party without the need to disguise them, to deepen your connection and alignment within yourself. I not only love being able to take care of my physical and mental health in one practice, but I love that what I learn on my mat transfers to a more peaceful existence off my mat. 

Don’t let me fool you into thinking that yoga is the one and only form of exercise that has this ability to be a one-stop-shop for mindful movement. Truthfully, anything can be a mindful movement practice. . . if you choose to practice with intention. Many professional athletes can concur that their sports positively impact them on more than just a physical level; the intense training sessions, the game, the competition all require more than just physical capabilities. These repetitive moments of discomfort require a level of presence and a mind that is strengthening and stretching just as much as the body. 

I know we’re not all training to be professional athletes, and that’s okay! From one human being to the next, I think we can all agree that a little more peace and a little more body-mind alignment can only benefit us. So how do we start? There are so many different ways to answer this question, but as a yoga teacher, I have to say (at least for myself) that it starts on my mat. It begins with slowing down my movements enough so that I can tune into my breath and integrate it with my movements; so that I can bring awareness to how the different muscles in my body work together to create the shapes I want to create; above all, so that I can take each movement and know why I’m taking it–moving with intention. I find that when I slow my own practice down, I receive a more fulfilling practice, and I realize that maybe I don’t have to rush through the rest of my day as hastily as I thought I would. Presence, peace, joy, all become an available choice again. 

The self-awareness we build on the mat, translates off the mat as well. . . ;-)

I hope you enjoy this practice, and that it leaves you feeling open and empowered. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more Vinyasa and Power Flows like this? 

With love + light,