My Workout & My Day

Hello everyone and how's everyone doing since the last time I talked to everyone last Friday before I went to my dad's house, because I've got some execiting news for all of you. When I went to my dad's hosue last Friday I got to finally see Ashton and she came down and spent the weekend with me, and we had so much fun even though we didn't really get a chance to do everything that I had planned to do. Moving on to workouts on Friday I had a nice stretching workout with Kellie, yesterday I had a total body strength workout with Kellie and today I had another stretching workout with Kellie again.

It's suppose to rain for a couple of days for us over here but we don't know it yet for sure but, I'm guessing that it will rain for a couple of days and then after that it will be sunny for the rest of the week. Because it so looks like it's going to rain but the clouds can't make up their mind yet but when they do, we will be ready for the rain to come for a couple of days. So what's the weather looking like for all of you ladies around the world it is still nice and sunny for a lot of you ladies where your living at or is it cloudy instead?