HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group January 25th

Good morning Blendfriends!

Last Wednesday of January! Can you believe that?

I picked this thought as it is something that is crossing my mind. Not that my brain doesn't know what I am doing but I am realizing that working out after work is not working for me some days. Slowly I am moving back to morning workouts. Runs will still have to be after work if they are during the week but maybe that means an extra workout some days. And for work, it does not matter when I arrive so nothing changes. I still get up at the same time. Just like in the videos they say to make modifications, I am making modifications to my workout times to make it work for me.

What is planned for today? I just did a pilates workout. It was just ok. It felt quite similar to one the other day which makes it a bit boring. Oh well.

Groceries after work, hence the morning workout. Chicken enchiladas for dinner (yum!). Plus I want to get a few little things checked off my list again.

Hope everyone feels welcome to share or just lurk around.