Perspiration Pals 25 January 2023

Hello Pals! How are you? I feel rather tired which is odd considering the fact that I had a nice long holiday a couple of weeks ago. I still get up early in the morning to work out but I look forward to mornings when it’s actually light at 5 a.m. even though I really hate summer. Anyway, today’s topic is not about that special kind of torture we feel when we are in the middle of a nice dream that’s suddenly interrupted by the alarm. The alarm we specifically select to make waking up a little easier but even if it’s the sound of birds or the beginning of your favourite song it quickly turns into sounds you definitely don’t want to hear. No, today’s topic is connected to something I watched on YouTube yesterday.

It was a documentary about how the food industry tries to trick us into eating more. So my question is this: when grocery shopping do you ever bother to read the ingredients of the food items you buy? (unless you buy fruit and veggies) Would you be interested in a course that helps you identify the ingredients so that you can avoid buying things that aren’t actually good for you? (yes, in the documentary a group of people listened to an instructor while touring around the supermarket looking at labels.) I don’t want to sound like a food snob because there are several factors that determine what kind of food you want to eat versus what’s available and affordable.

Moving on to exercise, what’s on schedule? I actually swapped the scheduled routines for a Tasha routine because I’ve done the scheduled ones at least 20 times before.

All right, Pals, I need to get back to work now, be good if you can and don’t let people bring you down.