Perspiration Pals 24th January 2023 🐈

hey there pals,

how are we this Tuesday? it is a super rainy day here, and the week's forecast is status quo πŸ˜Άβ˜”

anyways, a short and quick start to the thread here today...i am at work and it is one of those days when there's so much to do, you are freaking out, but it will only get done once you stop freaking out -i mean, it's a vicious cycle. so there, perhaps posting this thread is one thing checked off the list 🀐 been in this situation in near or distant past?

have an UB workout scheduled for the evening. that'll have to be after a trip to the vet's. getting fur baby her rabies vaccination, so she is travel-ready πŸ˜‡ i mean, no plans yet, but i want to be able to take her along if there were to be plans outside Norway.

other than that, i am counting on caffeine and some random music to get some work done. over to you now pals.

thank you for checking in with me and fur baby today! xx