HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group January 24th

Good Tuesday early morning everyone! I slept soundly for 4.5 hours and then woke up and could not fall back asleep. When that happens, it usually takes me 2 hours to fall back asleep, so it should be soon enough.

For this week’s challenge at work, I managed to not watch any screens for one hour before bedtime yesterday. I decided to listen to music, which I haven’t done in a long time. I usually listen to music only when I go walking by myself, but I’ve been walking with David as of late, so no music. It was an interesting experience, fully concentrating on the music. When I’m walking, I can’t even fully focus on what I am listening to, as I have to be aware of my surroundings.

To be honest, when I read that this was this week’s challenge, I thought I could not do it. Watching series with David is the evenings is our « thing ». And then all day I thought « what am I going to do for one hour with no screens? » But I found a way to make the challenge work and that just goes to show that it’s all in the mind, as the quote above says.

Do you have a routine before bedtime, where you turn off all screens? How do you like to wind down at the end of the day? A Store Manager that I know takes a one-hour bath each and every single day, even if she arrives home late after closing the store. I know some people read before going to sleep, but I read on a tablet, so that does not meet the criteria for this week’s challenge. Some people do some house cleaning, as they find that going to bed with a clean space helps clear their mind and makes for better sleep. Maybe you like to knit, or paint, or go for a walk at night. I’m open to suggestions for this week’s challenge 😉

Enjoy a wonderful day everyone!