34 Original Pilates Exercises

Hello FB Team & all Blender friends!

I've been enjoying Pilates classes in a Yoga/Pilates studio near my house for the past two months. I did mostly mat work but decided to take a private class on Reformer machine yesterday. It was WOW 😀 Loved it! Powerhouse and inner thighs were working hard. I definitely still feel the burn.

I was wondering if Daniel, Kelli, Amanda had plans to film slightly different styles of Pilates workouts (more history-oriented: ex. 34 Original Pilates Exercises) or to write a short but comprehensive article on the origin of Contrology and a little bit on how Pilates has spread throughout the US (trends, influences, anecdotes, etc.).

I do have an encyclopedia of Pilates (in French). I also saw a few videos on YouTube about these 34 moves. But I would love to see it in here, done with FB style. You guys may have other stories that the encyclopedia in French doesn't cover.

Thanks for reading/listening.