My Workout & My Day

Good morning everyone and it's offically Friday yay we can all look forward to the weekend and I'm so looking forward to the weekend because I'm going to see Ashton this weekend and this time I'm telling the truth. I have so much to tell her about since the last time I saw her and when I tell her of what's been going on it's going to blow her mind away just talking about it. Alright let's move on to workouts, what workouts are all of you doing to end off another busy week around or away from the house, because I had a upper body strength and HIIT workout with Daniel and it kicked my butt.

But the day is just going to get even busier for me today because we are going to be cleaning the house today, and when we are done with cleaning the house it will be sparkly clean. It will take about 2 and a half hours for us to completely clean the house from top to bottom but when it's done the house will look so much better, that it won't need to be cleaned again for another couple of weeks or so. It usually depends on how dirty the floors get from us walking on it all day going in and out of the house all day which we are going to be in and out of the house a lot today while cleaning the floors.