My Workout & My Day

Hello everyone and it's almost Friday I can't wait until the weekend comes because I'm exepecting someone to be coming down and spending the weekend with me at my dad's house. I'm sure that all of you know of who it is but if you don't then I will let it be a surprise to all of you ladies online for when I come back, let's move on to workouts the workout that I had for this morning was a core workout with both Kellie and Daniel and it was a interesting one but one of my personal favorite core workouts to do with them.

I'm already on the start of week 3 for FB Strong and at this rate I will be done with the program by the end of the month, since I started at the beginning of the month it makes sense. I'm thinking that after I'm done with doing this program that I might do the newest FB Strong Round 3 program a try since all of you online have been talking about it and doing it. Let me know of what do all of you think about it before I give it a try because I feel like doing some FB Strong workouts for a while because, I miss doing them so bad and it's been quite some time since the last time I did any.