Suggestion: add opposite to "add to your favorite videos"

Whenever I first do a workout, I really like having the option to mark a video as "favorite". However I also would really appreciate to have some sort of opposite "don't want to do this in the future" option.

I don't mean this as in the Youtube "dislike" button, but more of a personal filter, where the count isn't visible to anyone else.

I love the majority of FB workouts, but every now and then I come across one that just doesn't work for me and that makes me think when I finish "okay, that was once, but not going to do that again".

If there would be a way to mark this as "not interested" and then filter workouts with that option unchecked so these won't show up in search results it would really be helpful. No idea if I'm the only one who would like this option, but I figured I'd post it. :)

By the way, I'm curious what your favorite workout videos are and why. I have a few I love to repeat, for example, this one:

I always start while thinking "it can't be as hard as I remember, right?" That lasts up until the first pilates hip part..... But when I'm finished my hips feel amazing and I now do this routine a day before going on hikes, it definitely reduces soreness after climbing/descending.