Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi FB Family,

Here are some of the many ways that I am thankful for FB and the FB team!

1. Kelly and Daniel's committment to offering high quality workouts - When I came to FB in 2018, I was about to be unemployed and FB was the "right thing at the right time at the right price." I remember standing in my basement with my laptop and pulling up this working out.


2. A commitment to listening to your body and doing what work for you - I have never liked sports or most exercise, I have bad knees and poor balance, and Kelly and Daniel's gracious approach helped me reset my "all or nothing" mindset. For me the calendar serves as encouragement instead of a reprimand - and that was completely new for me!

3. An expansion that makes FB even better while keeping the core values and approach that drew me (and others!) in - Watching FB expand has been a delight. The additional complementary expertise has been fantastic! Moreover, the newcomers have brought complementary skills and shared vision that comes through. I especially have noticed it in the last two introductions Tasha has done for Brian and Aly.

4. It's just fun! I love the confetti, the "Workout Complete". And I love the excitement of seening a new workout Monday through Thursday! The community! It's just fun, and I've never been able to say that about any workout (other than my pool classes) before!

Happy Thanksgiving to the FB team in front of the camera and behind the scenes!

Happy Thanksgiving to the FB community!

I'm thankfull to have this as part of my life.